The Power of Story

I love this post. I love these movies, and this concept. Words have power.

New offering bowl

I have wanted a two-sided offering bowl – one for liquid, one for food – for a long time. I had one made, but the artist didn’t seal it, so I couldn’t use it for the intended purpose. I found this bowl, made of olive wood, on Amazon. I could have sworn it said it was sealed, but when I got it today it did not feel like it was. So, I have silicon muffin cups inside to hold the liquid elements.


The honey, which I also received today, is too cold to be truly liquid, but it is in the lower cup. The upper cup has Sambazon acai juice. Both sections have barley and hibiscus flowers. One also has passionflower, the other lavender. I decided to try and make the offerings at least slightly more artistic now that I have a bowl with more room.

The honey is Greek honey. I ordered two types – straight wildflowers, and wildflowers and thyme, which is what I have had before and loved. I also ordered Italian sunflower honey (i am pretty sure you can get Kansas sunflower honey, so I will have to do a taste test) to offer to Apollo. :-) And, two other types which are supposed to be healing (for me).

I have the bowl on my stove with my Zeus/Hera candle right now.


Very appropriate that both items arrived today after I read a blog post about offerings!

End of the year offering

I have been sick, so my offering is not the best, but the prayer was heartfelt. I bought a small lot of land on a lake in November with the intention of building a cabin on it this year. I have the floorplans drawn up and sent to a builder who does small barn-like cabins, but since it is three hours from him (and my family), I will have to be the one to make all of the calls about permits, getting a septic tank and cisterns put in, having the foundation poured, having a plumber out when the foundation is poured, having an RV pad poured at the same time, contacting an electrician… The list is a bit overwhelming. However, this was what I wanted. I wanted something I could do a bit at a time to make it less expensive. I just neglected to recognize how much I hate dealing with phone calls. LOL.

So, my year end offering was to Hestia and Hermes, asking for their help in getting the cabin built so I have a “home,” in some sense, even though I won’t be there often, and  communication in getting everything going and done smoothly, with as few glitches as possible. I know there will always be SOME glitches. I just hope there won’t be too many.


The offering is layered – barley on the bottom, then passionflower, hibiscus, lavender, and then some pink Himalayan sea salt. I would have offered wine, but I think the bottle I bought them has gone bad. I forgot to refrigerate it (I don’t drink). I will offer them juice instead. Who doesn’t like Sambazon? LOL

Happy New Year, all, and may 2014 be a fantastic year for everyone.

When they get crazy…

So after posting that last post, about the religiously intolerant jeweler, I thought she deserved to know that – although indirectly – I had blogged about the incident. That seemed common courtesy, as opposed to her running across the post when doing a search for cameos, etc. So I sent her an e-mail, and also summed up the part at the end about how I don’t shop based on the religious preferences of the seller or artist. I didn’t expect a response, but I got one. It was “stop harassing me.”

Seriously? What went on earlier was a conversation of about four e-mails each, clarifying her custom order stance – it only went on so long because she lied about it, and then in this last e-mail she turned around and went back to what she had said in the second e-mail, that all she could do was change the setting, which she had retracted in the third e-mail. This last e-mail – maybe number five – I wrote was to let her know there was a negative blog post out here about her shop. Harassment starts after quite a bit more, and usually has some, you know, harassing in it… Plus, I have zero reason to e-mail her again. So I made the mistake if telling her those things and got the e-mail “stay away.”

I *said* I had no reason to e-mail her again, and her e-mails make it seem like she is a crazy person anyway (or at least very paranoid) so there is no way I would ever e-mail her after that, but the “stay away” comment makes me wonder exactly what she DOES think of Hellenic polytheists. That we gobble up children at night? Kill cats? Does she have images of devil worship in her head? Sigh.

Crazy people.


Well. It’s funny how you can just see something coming.

I had a vision of Zeus and Hera this morning. I woke up and thought that I should try to meditate and figure out what Zeus wants from me, because I have had the nagging feeling for a long time that I am not doing what he wants me to do. I experienced a loss a few weeks ago, and had not really wanted much to do with the gods since – I know that sounds terrible, but I went back and forth between needing them desperately to completely shutting them out, and then I was too embarrassed about it and too tired to deal with anything related to religion. But, the last few days, things had started to even out.

So, this morning, I sat up, thinking I should meditate and ask, and as I sat there with my hands pressed to my face, also wondering if I should even get out of bed, I had a vision. Not a startlingly clear and bright vision – one that kind of snuck up on me. I would be lying if I said I could remember how it started, or even the order of events – when I wrote it down right after it happened I couldn’t remember that. I do remember that I was kneeling on an icy floor, eyes downcast so all I could see was the floor and feet at two thrones. I heard him say something like “for you to be honest about us” (as in, telling people I am a Hellenic polytheist, and I was pretty sure he meant my family). I protested, and heard him say that I would never truly be a priestess until I was open about them. I argued, saying that I had a duty to honor my family and protect them, which was somewhere in the Delphic Maxims, and it would very much hurt my parents to tell them, and I heard Hera say very softly that I also needed to be true to myself.

Then I saw two necklaces, both cameos on pearl strands, the figures on the cameos made of tiny hexagons of ivory, pearl, and crystal (or maybe diamond, idk), with one ruby in each. One was an oak tree, and the other a peacock. They were made so that the strand holding the peacock was shorter than the oak, and the cameos sat right on top of each other. The way the cameos were designed, it looked like the peacock was sitting in the oak tree.

After the vision ended, I googled “peacock cameos” and found a site with a gorgeous blue on black peacock cameo. No oak tree, but an eagle, though it is ivory on blue. But, the faq said they do custom designs, so I thought I would send her my idea and see how much it would cost.

As I was typing the e-mail, I thought well… Might as well practice “coming out” now – and I told her I was a priestess of Zeus, about my vision, and that that was where the design came from.

I got a short one line e-mail back saying that they don’t do custom designs.


I e-mailed her back with a copy of what the faq says and said that she should change her faq if that is true. After a second lie, she finally (third time’s the charm) admitted that she wasn’t comfortable with the Greek god part and did not want to get involved with my order.

I told her – and this is the truth – that, had she just been honest and told me that to begin with, I still would have bought the blue peacock from her. I won’t, though, at least not right now, because I don’t like lies.

and that led me back to Zeus and Hera asking me to be *truthful* about worshipping them. Sigh.

I don’t think (and you might be saying “well, duh!”) that they ever wanted me to go out and find cameos like that, or have them designed. I do think it’s an amazing design, though, and I am going to sketch it out tonight. But I think the whole point was for me to find her – a jewelry seller/designer with a ton of skeletal/Day of the Dead cameos, a dinosaur, mermaid, Buddha, vampire, zombie, Frankenstein’s monster and his bride, an anatomical heart and a BRAIN… And, one Greek goddess (one Artemis cameo), but somehow no religious tolerance.

It’s not that I have never told anyone about my faith. It’s just that this was the first time I had done it randomly, and also the first time anyone had reacted badly. I am guessing a custom jewelry order is a decent profit, and she refused me based on religion – and even said that was the reason. She told me I should maybe find someone who makes cameos who also worships the Greek gods. How did she put it? “I am sure many of you exist.” Yes, there are many others, but cameo making is pretty specific. It just happened that her site came up first, her work is gorgeous, and I don’t base my shopping on religious preferences. :::shrug:::

So. Baby steps, I guess. It will get worse before it gets better.

Current generic shrine setup


Music, pomegranates, gourds, wine, my favorite candle (which apparently they no longer make), and my salt water bowl to Poseidon. Oh, and two offering dishes – one with grape juice since I keep forgetting to get a corkscrew, and one with barley, passionflower, lavender, and hibiscus flowers. This area is buggy enough, I can’t leave offerings overnight that attract them. The juice gets thrown out before bed.

My altar is in my bedroom, as long as I am not getting the meanings reversed. The altar has my divinitory items in a drawer beneath it. Everything is pretty makeshift here. I need a permanent home… That is in progress, I hope.

Making Natural Dyes From Plants

Decided to start sharing natural dye sites and books, and this next weekend I will start experimenting with some of them myself. I have done a lot of fabric dyeing, and marbling, and sun prints, etc, but the only natural dyes I have used were coffee, tea, mulberry, and maybe a few others – nothing extensive. This site lists an amazing number of plants I never would have considered! I already have hibiscus flowers on the way for tea, and turmeric is in the cupboard. I also have some avocados in the frig… I am well on my way to dyeing fabric! I will post pictures of my experiments as I do them, and also follow ups to see how long they last (I will wash them with my towels to see how they fare – not with my clothes, I don’t need naturally dyed/spotted clothing at work if the dyes decide to run off on to everything else!!). That will help me decide if I need to put “hand wash only/cold water” tags on the fabric when I sell it someday… Or just improve my techniques! :-)



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